“Regular treatments from Shaana over the last few years has kept me strong and stable and able to deal with a very physical and tiring job and lifestyle. A truly holistic and knowlegable body worker, I never hesitate to seek her advice or refer my clients on to her if they need further treatment.

Martin Hall, Personal health, fitness trainer and sports massage therapist


“After suffering from headaches for 23 years and continuously seeking care from various therapists, thanks to Shaana I no longer have headaches!”
– Trevor

“Tired of the impersonal and expensive treatments received from London Chiropractors I started making regular trips down to Bath to receive SOT treatments by Shaana. Her professional and personal approach to SOT and Chiropractic in general has ensured I continually return knowing my health and well being are in safe hands… I would recommend her to anyone!!!”
– Cas, Adventure sports athlete and trail runner

Chiropractic treatment during pregnancy

The words ‘miracle’ and ‘magic’ are a common thread in these testimonials for chiropractic care during pregnancy by Shaana van Aardenne:


“I first came to see Dr Shana Van Aardenne when I was pregnant with my first child, Daisy. I was experiencing all kinds of pelvic and back pain, which left me struggling to turn over in bed or walk any distance. There were occasions when I was just ‘stuck’ and required help from my husband in order to get up or get dressed. Chiropractic treatment was recommended to me and I found Shaana. Miracle of miracles, I was able to move again! Her empathetic and friendly manner set me at ease whilst her obvious experience and extensive knowledge base made me feel comforted.  I knew I had found the right person. After Daisy was born (a long and very complicated birth) I saw Shaana again and the combination of treatment and advice as well as the exercise programme she gave me really speeded up my recovery.”
– Mrs. Harp 


“I would absolutely recommend chiropractic treatment with Shaana Van Aardenne to any pregnant or post-natal woman and/or for their babies. When I was told 3 days before Joshua was due that his head had not engaged yet I was concerned, which is why on a friend’s recommendation I came to see you. I am so glad that I did. The evening after my session with you my pelvis felt noticeably freer and I could feel his head becoming more engaged. As you know, I then had a show and he was born within 24 hours at home and it was a very straightforward, natural birth. I attribute his safe and on time arrival to my session with you and I cannot thank you enough.”
– A Freer


“Carrying around 8 and half months’ worth of baby is hard enough, but when your back gives out, it’s a nightmare. I heard about Shaana from another mum-to-be and went along in the hopes that she might be able to help, as taking strong painkillers simply wasn’t an option. Although it took a couple of sessions and some targeted exercising (specified by Shaana) on my part, the result was in one word – magic. Back great, baby lined up ready for action. Oliver arrived after a 12-hour labour (four or five hours of which I slept through) and was born in the water pool at the RUH with just some gas and air for the last hour and a half.”
– A Clack


“I have benefited hugely from regular chiropractic treatment over the last 2 years to treat migraine and neck and shoulder problems, and so I was very pleased to be able to continue my treatments whilst pregnant. Not only this, but it was very reassuring to know that both my baby and I were benefiting from specific adjustments I received which were aimed at aiding the baby’s position in the womb and subsequent birth.   I had not anticipated that I could have an easy pregnancy and yet I flew through it virtually back/shoulder pain free!”
– C Harrison


“I know that without Shaana’s great support and knowledge about pregnancy and birth I would have had a much harder time in pregnancy, birth and postnatally. I would recommend anyone who is pregnant or who has just had a baby to get their backs checked. It can make pregnancy, labour and birth less painful than it has to be.”
– R Stacey


“Shaana is incredibly well informed about the physical and psychological experience of pregnancy, and for me she contributed considerably to my newfound confidence that I might be able to have a straightforward, and perhaps even drug-free birth.  In the event, my 9lb 4oz baby girl made her appearance after 3 hours of labour with no pain relief.  I walked out of delivery suite and went home shortly afterwards feeling euphoric and grateful.  Any physical strain on my pelvis from the pregnancy disappeared immediately after the birth.  Feeling so physically strong has made the first few weeks so much easier than last time.  I can’t recommend Shaana highly enough for her chiropractic care, and for her ability to instil confidence in women in their capacity for natural birth.”
– V Wakefield


“During my 2nd pregnancy, I started suffering from SPD (more appropriately in my case, pelvic dysfunction) from around 18 weeks.  When I was signed off work at 21 weeks, I thought that crutches and/or a wheelchair would be imminent at the end of my pregnancy.  However, I started receiving chiropractic treatment from Shaana and felt that I could manage day-to-day life again. After the adjustments, the pain was relieved and mentally I felt a lot better, knowing that my pelvis was becoming stronger and more even.  I would definitely recommend chiropractic care during pregnancy.  It was gentle, supportive and effective, and the special cushion which meant you could lie on your front was an added bonus!”
– H Sheppard


“During my pregnancy I felt completely safe in Shaana’s skilled hands and was very happy for her to feel my baby and make sure he had enough space to grow by making small adjustments to my abdomen and hips. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the mechanics of the spine and the pelvis and what happens to a woman’s body during pregnancy and labour, and postnatal.”
– J Lewitt


“I think it is a testimony to my faith in Shaana as a practitioner that it was to her I brought my 6 week old baby for treatment. She was born by forceps and had awful cuts and bruising to her face and head. For the first 6 weeks of her life she would hold herself rigid and just scream.  After a couple of treatments she was like a new child, miraculous!”
– D Harp


“It’s been like a miracle, a year had passed now since our son’s first appointment; his life and the whole family’s lives have been turned around. Our son is keeping well, able to thrive, doing well at school and as his teacher commented, has a newfound enthusiasm for learning.”
– T Sawyer

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