Welcome to The Family Chiropractic Centre

Welcome to The Family Chiropractic Centre where our number one focus is the health of you and your family.

We offer a relaxed and friendly environment where all ages feel at home.  The centre is located in the historic working town of Bradford on Avon, within easy reach of Bath, Trowbridge, Frome, and many surrounding villages in Wiltshire and Somerset.

Achieve your true health potential

Picture of a happy familyWe believe that everyone has the potential to live a long, happy and healthy life. Here at The Family Chiropractic Centre we work to help you achieve this health goal.

By using chiropractic and cranial care, we address you and your family’s physical health needs and alongside offer lifestyle advice and guidance.  We are able to help you to take charge of your own health and reach your true health potential.

A complete range of treatments for you and your family

Our chiropractic treatment and wellness care serve you and your family throughout all stages of life.

The centre offers a wide range of chiropractic services , classes and workshops.

Our chiropractors (ShaanaBethan) work closely with a network of other practitioners including GPs, fitness coaches, physiotherapists, massage therapists, Pilates instructors, nutritionists, yoga teachers and kinesiologists so that everyone’s health needs are individually met.

Most of our referrals are by word of mouth thanks to satisfied patients and we receive regular referrals from many local practitioners.

Why visit the Family Chiropractic Centre?

Lisa and Jake in Reception at The Family Chiropractic Centre

People visit the centre for a variety of different reasons, from a new or specific injury or to manage a pre-existing condition, stress management that is manifesting in physical symptoms, or to maintain health.

We treat the very young to the very old, and all ages in between.  From athletes to occasional joggers, housewives to company directors, no matter what walk of life you are from, the Family Chiropractic Centre offers individual personal care tailored to your health needs.

Treating pregnant women, babies and children, is our passion as we feel everyone should have a healthy start in life. Taking charge of our health should start from an early age.

As parents, until your children are old enough to make their own health choices, their health is in your hands. At the Family Chiropractic Centre, we strive to help you to make informed, proactive health choices, putting you and your family’s health needs first.

The approaches we offer to facilitate your health are:

We also provide you with tools to help yourself, such as stretching and strengthening exercises, lifestyle management etc.

Meet our practitioners

Contact the Family Chiropractic Centre to find out how we can help you achieve your true health potential.

Hire the centre for your workshop

As well as holding workshops here, our centre is available to hire for your workshops.

Contact the Family Chiropractic Centre to find out how we can best help you and your family achieve your full health potential.

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Testimonial Snippets

“ I can't recommend Shaana highly enough for her chiropractic care, and for her ability to instil confidence in women in their capacity for natural birth.” V Wakefield

“I felt completely safe in Shaana's skilled hands and was very happy for her to feel my baby and make sure he had enough space to grow by making small adjustments to my abdomen and hips.” J Lewitt

“After a couple of treatments she was like a new child – she slept, she fed and she was content – miraculous!” D Harp

“It’s been like a miracle, a year had passed now since our son’s first appointment; his life and the whole family’s lives have been turned around.” T Sawyer